Syntex America
Customized solutions for your company with commitment at cost reduction, increasing your competitiveness in the market.
Logistics Management
Syntex America fully integrates and manages your import process from origin abroad to delivery at your company.
Syntex America is fully able to qualify and approve the suppliers abroad through a first class management team
Thermoplastic Resins
Fully in line and focused on the needs of our customers, we have developed important commercial arrangements with the most renowned petrochemical companies around the world.
Synthetyc Wood
The Synthetic Wood is an environmentally friendly product, manufactured from recycled plastic packaging and wood fiber.
Flat Steel
Syntex America provides top quality long and flat steel for many different applications and market segments.


Founded in 2006 by Luiz fernando Valente after gathering an extensive experience in import and export of machinery, parts and supplies for more than seventeen years, Syntex began its activities by offering integrated solutions in outsourcing, international Iogistics and customs clearance.


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