The starch can be processed thermoplastically without requiring any modificationas long as the formulation has a reasonable amount of water. Its biodegradability is due mainly to the oxygen atoms present in the main chain and in the ring. Some attempts of obtaining starch-based blends have been done mainly with polyesters, but the mechanical properties of the final product still falls short. This poor performance is due to its hydrophilic nature, which leads to lower interfacial tension between the blend components.

Some researchers use some types of compatibilizers or use techniques for chemical modification of starch or other component of the blend in order to improve this interfacial tensionOther studies have utilized starch blends with water soluble polymers. These surveys also aim to improve the mechanical properties of starch and its processability, introducing in formulating certain types of plasticizers, such as glycerol and amino acids. In terms of applicability, these blends are restricted to situations where the time required for its decomposition is not very large.